Serve something new and unique with chilled, soulful dance music nights.

Does your restaurant needs something fresh? Introduce a classy, sophisticated lounge vibe to your restaurant with The ELECTRO PHUNK hosted nights.​

"An eclectic mix of soulful jazz, tribal, disco, latin wrapped into a house music box"

Too many restaurants use pre-recorded soundtracks or book generic bands playing the same generic rock  in an attempt to bring vibes to their diners. Do something different. Fill up those tables with a night of modern and soulful dance music rent ELECTRO PHUNK and attract hungry crowds that will happily move to the bar after dinner.

Do you have quieter nights throughout the week that you’d love to inject some energy into? Does your restaurant host regular events and you want to bring in a fresh new crowd? Try something unique for the Florida Keys. Make your restaurant experience stand out from the crowd with a new classy music night built for sunsets and dining.

We’re fully equipped to bring the experience right to you, so you won’t have to worry about booths, PA, lights or set up and tear down. 

Artisan House
mix tapes by DJ Justin Easthall