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Offer something truly unique in the Florida Keys

Add soulful dance music vibes to your sunsets!

"An eclectic mix of soulful jazz, tribal, disco, latin wrapped into a house music box"

When you own the best bar in town, don’t let people move on to find a dance floor. Give them another reason to stay! Whether you need to create a relaxing soulful vibe for the sunset, fill up that dance area with a lick of classic disco & house music, or simply to enhance those cool euphoric bar vibes. 

Do you have quieter nights throughout the week that you’d love to inject some energy into? An empty area just crying out to be filled with a DJ,  music & patrons? A beach area with an unused tiki hut perhaps? Offer something unique for the Florida Keys. Dance music plays a fundamental part in bringing people together who crave a sense of belonging, and nothing is more perfect to get loyal patrons in your establishment than a regular dance music evening.

We’re fully equipped to bring the experience right to you, so you won’t have to worry about booths, PA, lights or set up and tear down. 

Artisan House
mix tapes by DJ Justin Easthall