After a wedding reception that is more than the typical experience? Hire ELECTRO PHUNK.

If you are looking beyond the traditional, cheesy 😉 wedding anthems then look no further!


ELECTRO PHUNK  will get your heart pumping while also making way for the smoother, sultry and heartfelt wedding moments.

"An eclectic mix of soulful jazz, tribal, disco, latin wrapped into a house music box"

ELECTRO PHUNK boasts a massive collection of club music (vinyl & digital), as well as a collection of exclusive mixes and unreleased club anthems to turn your wedding party into a full-scale event that runs the highs and lows of a collective club experience and ensures your wedding party a cut above the rest.

We’re fully equipped to bring the experience to you, so you won’t have to worry about booths, PA, lights or set up and tear down.

Currently we do not supply a Master of Ceremonies. However we can supply mics that can run through our PA systems.

Artisan House
mix tapes by DJ Justin Easthall