Corporate Events

Are you planning a corporate event or team building day for your organization? ELECTRO PHUNK is a DJ, Light & Sound System that brings the modern club sound to you.

Add a sophisticated club sound to your event book ELECTRO PHUNK.


Whether your team building day ends with some bonding on the dance floor, or you want some cool background music with dinner, what better solution to get everyone talking than to hire the ELECTRO PHUNK show?

"An eclectic mix of soulful jazz, tribal, disco, latin wrapped into a house music box"

Whether it’s a celebration of initiation or just a way to chill out at the end of an event- nothing is more perfect to get people buzzing than a club DJ set at your corporate event. We’ve got the music covered.

We’re fully equipped to bring the experience to you, so you won’t have to worry about booths, PA, lights or set up and tear down. 

Currently we do not supply a Master of Ceremonies. However we can supply mics that can run through our PA systems.

Artisan House
mix tapes by DJ Justin Easthall