Electro Phunk


an idea BORN Out of necessity.

So what exactly is THE Electro Phunk SHOW?

Good question! We are a little more than the typical mobile DJ service. For example, we specialize in a particular sound or ‘vibe’  (sometimes described as ‘Balearic’ ) an eclectic mix of  classic & modern dance music fused with sunset vibes. And second we use a high-end, four deck rig; two CDJs and 2 vinyl turntables (we have options for smaller rigs too), which just looks awesome! This allows the DJ to get really creative (almost like a live performance) That’s the Electro Phunk Show. And, of course like most other mobile DJ services we can also supply the sound system & lighting.

Mobile DJ in Key Largo for house music, chill out music, dance music & lounge Music.

The ELECTRO PHUNK show uses 4 decks; 2 vinyl turntables and 2 CDJs

So how did you come up with this idea?

Out of necessity!

So most people who know me, know I love dance music especially disco/house music and that I used to DJ professionally. Because of this a friend asked me to find a good house DJ here in South Florida for his wedding. I couldn’t find any mobile DJ that had a true understanding of what house music is (it is not EDM, or pop music). So I ended up doing the gig myself. It was through this experience that got me thinking…

mobile DJ set up key largo Florida keys

The ELECTRO PHUNK Show alternative 2 deck setup. No laptops! 😍


Right! If you are looking to rent a mobile DJ that specializes in music that’s a bit more sophisticated when it comes to dance music  (also know as Balearic), before ELECTRO PHUNK there was really nothing out there in South Florida.

Also it’s great for people who just love to dance and chill but obligations, location, kids, whatever, make it really difficult to get to a decent venue especially here in deep, deep South Florida, this is the perfect solution – we’ll bring the party to you (we’re family friendly too).

Disco music, House music, Balearic Music?

Basically disco is house music.  Disco went underground in the early 1980’s and was reborn as house music. Balearic combines the two and adds its own flavor of rock/dance celebrating, fun, freedom & sunset vibes, so you end up with that 4 bar beat, soulful vocals & uplifting,  feel good music – and that’s what we’re all about! The dance genre has matured with many sub genres, so we can play a fusion of soul, jazz, hip hop, disco, Latin, freestyle, wrapped into that hosue groove. It’s dance music for sure, but on the more soulful, spiritual end of the genre. Listen to some of our recordings to get an idea of the vibes… Here’s some live recordings to review.

"An eclectic mix of sunset vibes & dance music"

What gigs do you typically play?

All kinds, Full Moon partiesprivate parties, BBQs, pool parties, weddings, bars, clubs – right up to corporate events & festivals. Our current sound system is good for about 250 people on a dance floor inside, and around 150 outside. If it’s a lounge, restaurant or bar environment then we can customize the step up, music & volume to fit.

If we have any more questions?

Give us a call or text on 786. 379. 4041